Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How does one start a new blog?

There it is, a blank page and a blinking cursor in front of me on the computer.  No content, but so much more than just nothing because of all of the effort, resources, and history of so many to put that cursor there.
It's a good metaphor, I think, for my blog.  In many ways, my life from here is a blank screen with a blinking cursor, a canvas waiting for me to paint.  Yet there is a whole lifetime of effort, resources, and history which has brought me to this point.  The myriad life events which have brought me here have also given the title and commissioned the work to fill that canvas: not behind glass.
Henceforth, my journey in life is no longer constrained by the physical and metaphorical glass behind which I have isolated and protected myself.  In this blog I document the exhilaration and the risk of living life exposed to the world.


  1. Whow, Congratulations! On Breaking free and TRUSTING in the power of Oneness with the Universe!!!

  2. All that. [And, more.]

    Enjoy your new life! The space is so big and open, the words bounce until they fill the space and spill out and into the lives and hearts of others. Be so blessed! ~ k