Monday, December 17, 2012


"It is easier to travel by bicycle than with bicycle." - Will Sachtleben, 19th century bicycle adventurer.

Morning: New adventure: ride inter-city bus in a country where I don't know the language. I have learned a very few words of Spanish in the last two days, but it is still challenging to communicate. If I make an effort, though, people are very helpful and willing to be creative. So, here I am on the bus to La Fortuna, which is too far on mountain roads for my heavily laden bicycle for one day. Cost of the 150 km ride: 5000 colon, about $10!
Everyone has good things to say about Arenal, even the taxicab "valet" who tried to convince me to take a taxi to La Fortuna before finding someone else to scam (and being hauled off by the police!)

Evening: The bus turned out to be a wise decision. The mountain roads were steep, winding, breathtaking, ... and undoubtedly both exhausting and hazardous to a bike tourist! I arrived with energy to ride around La Fortuna, and enjoy a delicious meal at a little soda at the edge of town.
The heat and humidity is still disorienting in December, despite the lush tropical flowers, bananas, and coconut palms which surround me. Who knows - perhaps I will become acclimated enough to the tropics that I will wear a real winter coat (at least for a few days) when I return home!

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